The Program started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, which was then followed the introduction of IMA and IMA Youthwing. After the introduction brother Adnan Tonse presented the campaign report, which was then followed by a question and answer session. IMA delegate Mr. Khalid Aazmi presented the same in Arabic. The program was finally concluded by Mr. Hassan Noor who delivered the vote of thanks.

Campaign Report:
In commemoration of completion of 10 years, Indian Muslim Association Youth Wing has launched a momentous campaign against the Wastage of Natural Resources in Kuwait, in association with Masjid Al Kabeer and Ministry of Awkaf. The campaign will operate under the theme ‘Fastabiqul Khairat’ (Race each other in doing good deeds) and will aim at curbing the negligent and extravagant usage of Kuwait’s resources by its residents.

According to a UN report, one-third of world’s food is wasted annually, at great economic and environmental cost while 870 million people go hungry every day. According to figures by FAO, east and north Africa regions import 36 million tons of wheat per annum of which 16 million tons are wasted, a quantity that is sufficient, to feed a population of 70 million to 100 million. USA wastes approximately 60 million tons of food annually and UAE, 3.27 million tons. It is estimated that about 60% of the clean water is wasted globally every year while 700 million people in 43 countries face water scarcity and by 2025, those numbers are expected to go up to 1.8 billion is wastage is not controlled.

“The wastage of natural resources like food, water etc., which are a blessing from Allah, is very rampant in our society today”, says Mr. Sheik Ilyas, President of IMA Youth Wing, “The population of the world is 7.4 billion and the actions and behavior or every individual has serious consequences on our environment. And most of these resources that are polluted or destroyed cannot even be reclaimed!” he added. “That’s why it is very important to educate the masses and raise awareness to conserve them for our future generations. The theme was chosen very carefully to encourage everyone to not only do good, but also hasten in our actions and be ahead of others. The message of our campaign is not restricted to any religion, cast or creed and is applicable to all human beings in general”.

The campaign was kick started at an Iftar party on the 17th of June at Masjid Al Ghanim, Khaitan, and was attended by dignitaries from Ministry of Awkaf, Masjid Al Kabeer, NGO’s, prominent organizations and sympathizers of IMA and theme flyers on wastage of resources was released at this event. Guest scholars from India visited Kuwait & enlightened the audience on the importance of our campaign. The organizers presented the objectives of our campaign and a series of upcoming events in the campaign as follows:

• To spread awareness of the ill effects of extravagance amongst the residents of Kuwait.

• Save our resources – surplus could turn into charity for the needy.
• Encourage everyone to not only do good, but also hasten in their actions and be ahead of others.
• Reach the masses by means of print media, social & electronic media, one to one meetings, mass gatherings.
• Address issues of morality and ethics amongst our youth through our programs
• Planting of trees & conservation of nature
• Coordinate with IPC, Masjid Kabeer, Ministry of Awkaf and NGOs irrespective of religion or nationality and work hand in glove to spread this important message to all.

Various programs and events will be conducted over a period of 5 months under different themes as follows:
S.No List of Programs Details
1 Morality Campaign 19th Aug – 2nd Sep: Raising awareness about Morality and Ethics

2 Save Electricity Campaign 9th Sep – 16th Sep: Raising awareness about electricity wastage

3 Save Water Campaign 16th Sep – 23rd Sep: Raising awareness about water wastage

5 Food wastage campaign 16 th Oct: Raising awareness about food wastage

5 Food wastage campaign 16th Oct: Raising awareness about food wastage

6 Marathon 4th Nov & 19th Nov: Run to save our future

7 Concluding Program 25th Nov: Final Concluding Conference

“Let’s not be ignorantly wasteful and immoral. Join and support us in this noble cause and help us shape a better future” Mr. Ilyas urged the residents of Kuwait.
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