Etikaaf holds special significance during the blessed month of Ramadan in Islam. In a spirit of devotion and reflection, YouthWing members and associates observed a 24-hour Etikaaf from Thursday’s Iftar on April 4th to Friday’s Iftar on April 5th at Masjid Abu Rafey, Abbasiya. A total of 15 participants joined the spiritual retreat, engaging in various activities throughout the night.

During this period, participants engaged in various spiritual activities aimed at deepening their connection with Allah and nurturing their souls. The night commenced with Quran discussions focusing on Surah Ankabut, followed by individual Dhikr, Duas, and Ibadat sessions. As the night progressed, participants engaged in Qayam ul Lail and Tahajjud prayers, seeking spiritual rejuvenation in the peaceful ambiance of the mosque.

Friday Khutbah, which highlighted the significance of Astagfaar (Repentance) in Islam provided participants with a deeper understanding of the importance of seeking forgiveness and spiritual purification in the journey towards Allah’s pleasure. Furthermore, a Quran Hifz session was conducted, focusing on memorizing Surah Naba, a nurturing endeavor aimed at strengthening participants’ connection with the Quran and enhancing their spiritual growth.

A highlight of the etikaaf was the enlightening speech by Jb. Masood Shahab on the topic of “Quranic Momin.” His discourse delved into the essence of an ideal Muslim (momin) as outlined in the Quran, elucidating the characteristics and traits that define a Momin.

The Eitikaf concluded with the collective breaking of fast (Iftar), leaving participants spiritually enriched and fortified in their faith journey. This noble initiative underscores YouthWing’s commitment to fostering spiritual growth and ideological awareness among its members.