IMA’s Youth Wing has been working in Kuwait for 10 years now and to commemorate this occasion it has organized a get together on 29th of September 2016 along with its Ex Youth Wing members at a Chalet in Jahra. All members along woth their respective families had turned up for this joyful event.

The daylong event began in the evening with the members dropping in at the Chalet surrounded by the serene sands of Jahra. Whilst most members chose to entertain themselves with games such as Table Tennis and Short Cricket some of the senior barbeque pros wasted no time in getting the meat ready to eat!!!. As Often felt, time just flies with continious fun going on and hence the night finally caught up with the members (around 4 AM) with a quick dinner.

The following day began with the members assembling for breakfast at 8 AM. The Schedule post breakfast began with an enlightening talk by Br. Nissar and an official introduction of the Ex Youth Wing members, some of whom were also the founder members.  An informal short session where ex members shared their journey from youth wing to IMA was followed by an informative symposium where YW members and seniors expressed their thoughts on the current conditions of youth wing and their expectations from them. The Juma salah was led by Br. Nissar followed by lunch. The session resumed post ASR, and was packed with a short talk by Maulana Rafeeq which touched our hearts, a televised message from our former youth wing president Br.Mujahid Umri. A collection of interviews of the Ex YW members was released as a documentary to celebrate their contribution to youth wing and which is available on our Youtube channel.
Like all good things in this worldhave to end, likewise this get together had to come to an end. And it was ended with an inspiring talk by  Maqsood Shihab Sb, President, IMA where he emphasised the importance of youth and urged its memebers to make a greater stride toward serving Almighty Allah and His creation.

Alhamdulillah it was a time well spent. !!!