The evening of Friday, 26th of Jan 2018, saw learning and knowledge sharing in an event titled “Career Opportunities and Guidance” hosted by Indian Muslim Association Youth Wing at Islah Centre, Rawdah. IMA YW, as its abbreviated, in its constant endeavor to serve people has been reaching out to the masses with programs that benefit lives. Fresher, budding professionals, were amongst the gathering which comprised of various nationalities, faiths and professional backgrounds. Expectedly, the major contingent of the audience were Indian professionals.

Speakers Mr. Noor Ahmed Khan, an HR with a leading Oil & Gas organization, and Mr. Ifteqar, an HR Manager at a leading Automotive firm, graced the dais along with the dignitaries Mr. Masood Shehab (IMA President), Mr. Sharfuddin Sufi (IMA Vice-president) and Mr. Arshad Habib (Gen. Sec. IMA). As a part of their personal commitment to serve the society, they shared their knowledge on topics like CV building, Core competencies, Strength-based philosophy and Soft Skills. Perhaps the most awaited session of the evening was the ‘Mock Interview’ where a select few amongst the audience were fortunate to face an interview with the HR, depicting a real-life interview scenario. The subsequent debriefing highlighted how not to commit the common mistakes that candidates often make. This was followed up with an Open Session with the panel that comprised of the two HR and Mr. Alamgeer, President ASSE and Safety Manager at a leading O & G firm and Mr. Hasan Noor from a leading Financial House. The audience enthusiastically participated in their queries well responded to.

A brief research conducted by IMA YW was shared with the audience, in a presentation on current & emerging trends in the job market, as well. The event was concluded with a soulful prayer by Mr. Masood Shehab and a generous vote of thanks by Mr. Sharfuddin Sufi.
Should the benefits of the event hosted, reflect in an individual or collectively as professional workforce, making a positive contribution to the local economy, the organizers would indeed deem it as job well done!