April 2024

Finding Light in the Night: IMA-YouthWing’s 24 Hours Eitikaf

Etikaaf holds special significance during the blessed month of Ramadan in Islam. In a spirit of devotion and reflection, YouthWing members and associates observed a 24-hour Etikaaf from Thursday's Iftar on April 4th to Friday's [...]

March 2024

Harmony in Diversity: YouthWing’s Interfaith Iftar Encourages Dialogue and Compassion

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In a heartwarming display of unity and understanding, an interfaith youth iftar party was hosted today, drawing together individuals from diverse backgrounds under one roof. The event, organized by the YouthWing, witnessed the participation of [...]

IMA YouthWing Hosts Vibrant Youth Iftar Parties Across Kuwait with more than 400 participants

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IMA YouthWing, recently organized a series of Youth Iftar Parties across various locales in Kuwait, drawing a total attendance of more than 400 enthusiastic participants. Featuring prominent speakers such as Maulana Umar Falahi Sb, Jb. [...]

February 2024

Successful Completion of Online Excel Course Draws Enthusiastic Participation

Date: 26 Jan 2024 In a resounding success, an online Excel course conducted by IMA YouthWing garnered overwhelming participation, exceeding 100 participants daily on the Zoom platform. The course, designed to cater to varying skill [...]

Inspiring Upbringing, Exciting Sports, and Strong Collectivism: The Kabd Chalet YouthWing Retreat Experience

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Date: 24th & 25th February 2024Place: Kabd Chalet, Kuwait The IMA-YouthWing, Kuwait organized a dynamic two-day event at Kabd Chalet, drawing together 48 enthusiastic young individuals from the Indian Muslim community in Kuwait, for a [...]

December 2023

Free Online Excel Course

📊 Enhance Your Excel Skills Free of Cost! 📈 👨‍💻 YouthWing is excited to announce a comprehensive Excel and Advanced Excel course conducted online over two months! Dive into the world of spreadsheets. 🗓️ Course [...]