IMA youthwing khaitan zone:
Dawah campaign Report in Brief:
The Campaign Started on 18th December 2015 in 3rd week Public program @ Masjid e Sanad with the theme “prophet Muhammad SAW a Messenger of Peace” in the program: importance of Dawah and Guidelines how to start Dawah on field topics were addressed, after programme Field work of Dawah to non Muslims has started in khaitan public areas shopping centres and different hotels, etc with 5 different teams and concluded with the field experience and comments.
Regular Field Dawah Field work at different Units of khaitan
Abbasiya unit performed well on regular basis, Alhamdulillah, In the field work around 130 non Muslims were approached.
The campaign was concluded by a non muslims public program in farwaniya on 07th Jan 2016 in Telugu language. This program was addressed by Janab Abdusslaam Umri Sahab Dayee of IPC KUWAIT program was very much effective around 50 people attended, in which prizes were distributed to the persons who ever answers the questions asked from the speech and ended with Q&A sessions followed by refreshment.
May Allah swt accept all our efforts. Aameen! ….
Jazakallah u khaira