Welcome To IMA Youth Wing

IMA Youth Wing is a youth and students’ organization, which aims at developing the personality of youth and students associated with a view to make them good human beings who contribute positively to the society at large. Youth Wing provides a common platform for presenting spiritual, educational, moral and ethical values, supporting community and social services and fostering good relations with other communities and organizations.

Who Are We

The mission of IMA Youth Wing is to motivate youth and students for positively contributing to the development of the society and upholding the spiritual, moral and ethical values amongst the Youth.
IMA President is the chief patron of IMA Youth Wing under whom falls the CAC (Central Advisory Council). The CAC comprises President, Secretary, Joint Secretary & seven elected CAC members. The Working Committee comprises the CAC and the departmental / zonal heads. The CAC forms the policies and plans; thereafter the Working Committee executes the Policy Program in co-ordination with different Departments.

Local Units are based in Camps and smaller localities located in various zones. Programs are arranged in local areas and  make Youth & Student the members of the Organization into two, as members and associates.

Monthly Programs

Youth Wing conducts monthly programs in various zones to to groom the Indian youth in Kuwait and try making them better Muslims and responsible human beings. Under this program, the basic information about Islamic beliefs, current affairs and career guidance is delivered to the audience.Different topics from Quran, Hadees, Seerah (Biography) and History are presented. Current affairs covers the entire spectrum of what’s happening in the world and in career guidance, we provide current job openings in Kuwait, career related lectures to highlight the new trends and courses available in the market, lectures on Personality Development, and  Quiz Competitions etc.

 Dawah Programs

This program is designed for our members who are interested in Dawah work. Under this we provide comprehensive knowledge of comparative religion. It covers, shedding light on commonalities among the different religions and also how to tolerate and respect other religions and beliefs. This program is mainly designed to create communal harmony and eradicate the existing misconceptions among different communities particularly those belonging to the Indian sub-continent.

Sports Activities

Youth Wing organizes sports activities for its members and associates to keep our youth in good shape. It includes exercise, playing different sports like cricket, football, volleyball and swimming.

Cultural Programs

Different activities are held to encourage hidden talents of our members and associates. Activities such as drama, mono action, taranas, and songs on moral and social awareness are played by using all modern techniques of animation and graphic tools.

Social Gatherings

Variety of social gatherings are held all-round the year such as Family Picnic, Eid Milan get – together and other programs. In these programs, we invite all our friends and Indian citizens to participate. It encourages intermingling of people from different communities.


To inculcate and promote the true knowledge of Islam among youth and students.
To prepare youth and students to fulfill their responsibility towards society.
To build high moral values among youth and students.
To promote and motivate youth and students for higher academic career and achievements.
To provide career counseling and guidance, and encourage youth and students for scholarships.
To promote the comparative study of different religions and build communal harmony.
To promote friendly environment among different fellow citizens of India to eradicate the misconception among them about Islam and Muslims.
Get different communities close to each other to promote environment of peace, love and understanding.

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