Social Service Department

IMA Youth Wing has a team that is dedicated towards social service activities in Kuwait and strives to reach out to the needy in India as well. The department was set up with the objective of helping the ones that need our support the most. Since its formation, we have achieved many mile stones and have been able to bring smile on many faces by the blessings of Allah (SWT). We believe that Islam is the ultimate source of guidance for social development.

IMA Youth Wing also supports the unparalleled social service project Vision 2016 with Human Welfare Foundation of India. The mission of Vision 2016 is to serve the oppressed and deprived sections of Humanity by providing them the basic necessities like education, health, food and houses, and by helping the sufferers of natural calamities and contagious diseases and to move towards a world free from hunger, ignorance, deprivation and exploitation.


Our mission is quite clear; we would like to work towards long lasting change through sustainable solutions. With the help of Allah (SWT) we do our best in bringing a change for the betterment of the society. Our goal is to win happiness against sorrow by touching the hearts of disadvantaged.


Social service activities include:

Education field

  • Sponsorship for students in Kuwait who cannot afford fees.
  • School bags distribution in India (Part of Vision 2016).
  • Job cell – posting opportunities for the candidates searching jobs.


Providing food, clothing and shelter for the needy

  • Providing rent and grocery funds to the families/bachelors in Kuwait that cannot afford a living due to uncertain circumstances.
  • Sending old clothes to poor/slum areas in India. Collection of Iftar kits, fitra collection and qurbani in India (Part of Vision 2016).
  • Assist in relief and rehabilitation works in India (Part of Vision 2016).


Health care

  • Donate funds to the patients in Kuwait and India.
  • Visit hospitals to meet the sick/patients for their moral support.
  • Assist as well as conduct medical camps.Blood group data availability in case of emergencies.


Awareness programs

  • Environment programs – save water, save electricity, beach clean day, programs such global warming and animal extinction.
  • Evils of society – awareness programs (in the light of Islam) on dowry, smoking, alcohol, human rights and vulgarity in entertainment.


Guidance and assistance

  • Money management programs and Qard e Hasana scheme.
  • Workshops to inculcate social service habits and present importance of it in the light of Islam.
  • Provide basic information to the needy on procedures of residency, immigration, etc.
  • Marriage counseling – today’s youth is misguided and is being pulled away from institution of marriage. Guidance programs to educate youth on marriage with dos and don’ts.
  • Scholar on phone/online – assisting the community in receiving the true guidance to their questions in light of Quran and Sunnah.
  • General counseling – mentors/counselors helping people with their day to day issues and stress management.

Job Cell

IMA Youth Wing job cell was formed to help our members & associates grow in their professional lives by changing jobs with better opportunities. The job cell with the help of its members keeps a vigil on the jobs available in the market with special attention to Kuwait market. The Job Cell identifies these jobs and posts it on IMA Youth Wing portal and forwards the received CVs to the concerned Company HR. By the grace of Allah (SWT) we have been able to provide jobs to many candidates in various fields.

Media And Publicity Department

IMA Youth Wing media cell recognizing the importance of the role media can play in order to achieve its Mission and Vision has made sure that we utilize all possible technologies and proven methodologies of media field to achieve our goals. All our major programs have media coverage by audio visual recordings and photography.

Youth And Education Department


One of the major goals of youth wing is to focus on youth with respect to their career and Youthful activities. Youth department strives with different means to help the youth attain greater heights in physical fitness. In one such attempt to reach our goals, we organize occasional events like umra trip, failaka island trip, beach side Barbeques, Sports Events etc.


Education is a continuous process in life. We at IMA Youth Wing believe that every day is a new day to learn and educate ourselves so that we constantly improve in our spiritual and professional lives. IMA Youth Wing strives hard to focus on youth with respect to their education & career. Education department strives with different means to help the youth in enhancing their career and reach our goals by organizing occasional training courses in different fields like Computers, Web Designing, Networking, Health and Safety etc.  In order not to limit ourselves to just academic areas we also take equal interest in organizing workshops on Personality Development, time management etc.

Outreach Department

Outreach (Da’wah) Department aims to convey the message of Islam to non-Muslims. It intends to carry out several programs such as organizing lectures on the topics of interest to non-Muslims, distributing booklets and handouts, and preparing new Daees.  The department carried out several programs in the past for IMA Youth Wing members to encourage and provide them with proper knowledge and techniques so that they can take up this activity and it intends to conduct various programs in the future.

Public Relations (PR) Department

A PR team works on having good Public Relations with IMA Youth Wing members, various ministries, awqaf, different organizations from India, Kuwaiti Governmental authorities etc. PR Department overlooks follow up with members for the monthly programs and special events through phone calls and personal visits. The PR department is the interface of IMA Youth Wing with rest of the world. The PR team actively prepares all reports after our events and gets them published in various portals.

Tarbiya Department

IMA Youth Wing performs various Educational training programs for its members & associates. A central training workshop is scheduled for every 1st Friday of the month for the Core members and a general program is arranged every 3rd week of the month for the general public and associates on Zonal level.