Date: 26 Jan 2024

In a resounding success, an online Excel course conducted by IMA YouthWing garnered overwhelming participation, exceeding 100 participants daily on the Zoom platform. The course, designed to cater to varying skill levels, covered a wide spectrum of topics – from basic cell formatting to advanced subjects such as macros.

The course witnessed a remarkable display of dedication, with over 200 participants actively submitting assignments, showcasing their commitment to practical application. This active engagement underscored the course’s popularity and relevance in meeting the diverse learning needs of participants.

To further enhance the learning experience, video recordings of the sessions were diligently uploaded on the IMA YouthWing’s YouTube channel( This move aimed to provide participants with a valuable resource for ongoing reference and review.

The course received widespread appreciation from participants who lauded the effectiveness of the teaching methodology. Positive feedback and testimonials poured in, highlighting the impact of the course on enhancing participants’ Excel skills.

The course culminated in an offline session held at the IMA Office in Khaitan. During this session, the trainer revisited key topics, clarified doubts, and facilitated interactive discussions. Certificates were distributed at the end of the session, marking the successful completion of the course.

The success of this online Excel course underscores the commitment of both the participants and organizers. As the organization looks forward to future initiatives, the positive outcomes of this course set a promising precedent for continued learning opportunities.

IMA YouthWing-Kuwait.