IMA Youth Wing – Khaitan Zone organized a get-together for the new associates at a Farm house in Kabd on Thursday, 21st of June. The chief organizers – Br. Quddus and Br. Tayyab, arranged a full night stay packed with activities, to create an interactive environment where the members and associates could get acquainted with one another.

The event began with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Br. Hafiz Zaheer, followed by mutual introduction of all those present. Janab Khalid Azmi gave a brief introductory speech before the much anticipated all-night activities that comprised of various indoor and outdoor sports and games such as Swimming, Football and 1-minute games.

Br. Siraj lead the football event and sorted all attendees into various groups. Those familiar with the sport as well as those unfamiliar, participated and enjoyed alike. The Swimming event was by-far the most sought after activity of the evening, which, entirely, lived up to the expectations. Although exhausted, none were willing to call it a day as they followed it up with the exhilarating indoor games! Bloopers, blunders and heartfelt laughter kept everyone going till dawn, and everyone finally hit the sack after fajr prayers. Overall, the associates considered it a memorable event and appealed to conduct more of such nature.