Indian Muslim Association Youth Wing Kuwait, conducted an EID FESTIVAL program on Friday the 25th of September 2105 in Jamiat-ul-Islah, which was attended by approximately 500 people.

The program was designed to be a fun filled event, celebrating the happiness of Eid Al Adha, however upon hearing the tragic incident of Mina stampede where many of our brethren lost their lives, IMA Youth Wing changed their program and converted the first half into a condolence program wherein prominent personalities of various organizations expressed their grief, sorrow and deep condolences over the incident.
The entire program was divided into two sessions. The 1st session started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by NisarFahimUddin, which was then followed by a welcome speech delivered by IMA President Mr. MasoodShihaab. In his speech he explained the importance of youth in the society and why the youth must join the cause of “HayyalalFalah” i.e., “Rush towards Success”.

After the welcome speech two young girls on the theme that the end of this life is in the grave recited a Tarana. After all the comforts of life one earns, he has to leave everything here and go in a 2m x 2m grave. The tarana was followed by condolence speeches were given by Mr.Munaf (KIG Treasurer) and Mr. Abbasi (Radio Kuwait). Both of them expressed their gratitude and sympathy for those who lost their life in the sacred pilgrimage of HAJJ. This concluded the 1st session.

The 2nd session was presided by Mr. Shiv Sagar (Vice Chancery – Indian Embassy Kuwait) & the dais was shared by Mr. Ifteqar (Vice President – FIMA), Mr. Abdul Azeem (Vice President – HMWA), Mr. Hafiz Hafeez Ur Rahman (President – Islam Education Committee) & Mr. MasoodShahab (President – IMA). This session was convened by brother Muneeb which started after the ISHA prayers with series of short speeches given by young kids namely Master YousufArshad Khan, Master Ammar Jawed, Master NisarFaheemuddin, Miss zainabJafarSadeq and Master AatifMdAamir on the historical facts of Holy Pilgrimage, Hajj. These young talents were judged by Senior members of IMA and based on the results they were awarded with respective prizes.

A beautiful Tarana by brother Jawad then followed this. After the tarana was the QUIZ program which was one of the major events of the day. Brother Adnan Tonse convened the quiz and the entire audiences excluding IMA members were the participants. General questions were asked on the theme of Hajj and life of Prophet Ibrahim (AS). Surprise gifts were given in between the quiz program.

Another major event of the day was the Drama based on “Huqooq-ul-Ibad” i.e. rights of a human towards other human beings.
The young IMA YW members beautifully played drama.

The session was continued with Br. Aijaz (Joint Secretary – YW) launching an “Associate Making Campaign” after the drama. He requested the youth to join hands with IMA YW and March towards success & victory in this world and the hereafter.

Finally the prize distribution ceremony took place for the winner’s of the quiz program.

The Program was concluded with Dua& dinner packets served.