Date: 24th & 25th February 2024
Place: Kabd Chalet, Kuwait

The IMA-YouthWing, Kuwait organized a dynamic two-day event at Kabd Chalet, drawing together 48 enthusiastic young individuals from the Indian Muslim community in Kuwait, for a weekend of recreation and intellectual engagement.

The program featured an array of sports activities, including cricket, volleyball, tug of war, and dodgeball, fostering teamwork and camaraderie among the participants.

In addition to the sports activities, engaging group discussions were held on pertinent topics such as the Current Situations in India, allowing attendees to express their opinions and engage in constructive dialogue.

Moreover, the event included Quranic discussions and thought-provoking speeches on tarbiyah, focusing on themes such as “Khutbat” and “Why organization/collectivism is important in Islam?”. The speeches were delivered by Janab Masood Shahab Sb.(Ex-President of IMA-Kuwait). These sessions provided a platform for spiritual growth and introspection, emphasizing the significance of communal responsibility in the teachings of Islam. Br. Dawood Absami(President-YouthWing) presented motivational words for Youth. Jb. Riyaz Khan Sb(Ex-President YouthWing) concluded event with dua.

Under the adept leadership of Br. Khalid Yunus, Br. Khaled Abdurrehman & Br. Asim Karel alongside the YouthWing’s Executive Team, the event was meticulously planned to provide a comprehensive experience for all attendees.

Thanks to the concerted efforts and coordination of the all the YouthWing Members, the event left a lasting impact on the participants, offering a perfect blend of recreation, intellectual stimulation, and spiritual enrichment.

IMA-YouthWing Kuwait.