The Indian Muslim Association – YouthWing (IMA-YW) recently concluded a momentous Grand Youth Conference on November 23rd, 2023, at the revered Masjid-e-Mariyam, Mahboula. Under the theme “Do Not Weaken, Do Not Grieve,” this conference served as a culmination of an almost two months-long Associate Making Campaign (AMC) aimed at galvanizing Indian youths in Kuwait, this campaign was led by Mr. Asim Karel.

Mr. Muhammed Qizar Sharief was the conference organiser under the leadership of Janab Dawood Hasan Absami, President-YouthWing, and Mr. Asif Ishaq as the Convener, the event drew over 700 enthusiastic participants, predominantly comprising 650 impassioned youths, eager to engage and learn.

The conference commenced with a spiritually uplifting Tilawat e Quran by Hafiz Afridi Khan, setting the tone for an evening focused on empowerment and unity. The inaugural words and introduction of YouthWing by Mr. Asim Karel laid the foundation for an eventful evening.

Distinguished guest speaker, Maulana Ishteyaq Alam Falahi, shared profound insights on the significance of “Bait al Maqdis and Our Responsibilities,” urging attendees to embrace their roles in the global context.

The event took a thought-provoking turn as Jb. Sharafuddin Soofi delved into the theme “Do Not Weaken, Do Not Grieve” in the Indian context, offering perspectives and guidance pertinent to the Indian Muslim Youth. Maulana Umar Falahi’s speech on “Zaad-e-Raah” provided a path for spiritual and personal growth.

The culmination came with YouthWing President Mr. Dawood Hasan Absami’s stirring concluding words, expressing gratitude and offering a vote of thanks to all participants, speakers, and contributors who made the event impactful.

Acknowledging outstanding contributions, gifts were distributed to guests, organizers, cricket winners, and campaign top performers, fostering a sense of recognition and appreciation.

IMA Dignitaries like Mr. Arshad Habib, Mr. Shamoil Parvez, Mr. Jafar Sadiq with other IMA Ahbab and YouthWing members were also present for conference.

Post-conference, the spirit of camaraderie continued as food packets were generously distributed among all attendees, reinforcing a sense of unity and shared purpose.

The event stood as a landmark, enlightening Indian Muslim Youth in Kuwait, inspiring them to embrace responsibilities and seize opportunities for a brighter future.

The IMA-YouthWing extends heartfelt appreciation to everyone involved, ensuring the Grand Youth Conference was a resounding success, resonating with the spirit of empowerment and community engagement.