On June 25th, Indian Muslim Association – Youth Wing Organized Virtual Media Workshop Webinar, with an aim to create additional awareness and effective usage of social media platform. The Online program was open to public and a large attendance from different regions of Kuwait & India was observed.

Guest speaker from India Br. Mohammed Abdul Sattar, Associate Professor at NSAKCET, Telangana India addressed the gathering with an efficacious speech on “Usage of Twitter” with real time example.

Second session of the Workshop was taken over by Br. Syed Suhail Abbas, Founder and chief consultant at Elevatics on “Effective Usage of Facebook”. Under this session a presentation was given, which enabled the participants to uplift their profiles and acknowledge on how one could utilize various tools/options to it’s peak.

Last session conducted by Br. Azharuddin, Former General Secretary, SIO on Key notes of “IT REVOLUTION”. Where a glimpse on how IT Revolution has changed our day-to-day life and cloud computing was presented.

At the end participants had the opportunity to interact with the speakers and their queries were answered satisfactorily related to social media platforms and their usage.